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Crimple Valley Fresh
My name is Steve Willis and I’m the man behind Crimple Valley Fresh. I would like to tell you a little bit about how we came about.
My wife Dorothy, myself and my four children (Joanne, Matthew, Richard and Nicola) moved to Harrogate from Northumberland 14 years ago to run a dairy farm at Fulwith Mill on the south side of Harrogate. This farm is situated in the Crimple Valley under the Crimple viaduct (hence the name!). Due to difficult farming circumstances and after much deliberation, we decided to disperse our dairy herd earlier this year. It was not an easy decision to make as you get quite attached to animals you have raised, nurtured and milked for so many years.
We still rear cattle on the farm but they are from another farmer and they come to us on what could be classed as a bed and breakfast basis. To supplement the farm business I decided to start up a delivery business. My aim is to source the best local produce possible and deliver it directly to you, the customer.
I want you to be able to order fresh, great tasting produce and I want it to taste like food used to taste. I want the products to be natural with no additives, preservatives etc and I want you to know where they all come from. Another important consideration of mine is the welfare of the animals that have for example - laid your eggs, provided your Sunday roast, or been milked to make your clotted cream. Our suppliers work to high welfare standards and give their animals the respect they deserve, which is something that I have always done in my years as a farmer.

Tel: 01423 873 636
Fax: 0845 833 6630