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Crimple Valley Fresh Local Farm Produce

It is now widely realised that we have become alienated from the food we eat. How many people actually know where their food comes from, how it is produced and when it is in season? Food travels too far from the field to the kitchen. We at Crimple Valley are looking to go someway towards addressing this issue by supplying to you fresh fully traceable local produce, as fresh as it get and tasting like it used to taste.. Delicious fruit, vegetables, meat and all those lovely extras - pickles, jams chutneys and of course cheeses.



Crimple Valley provide the freshest and best tasting locally-grown produce at competitive prices to help to preserve the traditions of small farmers and local traders in the region. Buying fresh local food also is the easiest way to avoid eating processed food with added sugar, fat and preservatives. Locally grown food tastes better because it’s fresh.

We are very proud of our quality and service so if you like what you see why not give us a try. You really will be delighted with the local fresh food that will be delivered straight to your door. Whether it is fresh vegetables and fruit - or locally sourced meat - we guarantee that you will want to place regular orders with us.Shopping made easy - from the comfort of your own home.

We are totally committed to offering the finest local produce we can source, so we actively seek out local suppliers and farmers to bring the best produce to your table.


Tel: 01423 873 636
Fax: 0845 833 6630